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Ortiz, Gregg Suspended After Heated Series

Written by Bashir Masani
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Major League Baseball announced Thursday that Boston’s David Ortiz and Orioles pitcher Kevin Gregg have each received a four-game suspension and undisclosed fines for the July 8 brawl.  Of the fine, Gregg did not reveal its amount but only said that it was “steep.”

During Ortiz’s at-bat in the eighth-inning, Gregg threw three straight inside fastballs.  On the third one, Ortiz started walking toward the mound and pointing at Gregg.  Both benches and bullpens cleared but nothing happened and play resumed.

On the last pitch of the at-bat, Ortiz popped out to center.  However, when he started trotting down the first-base line, Gregg pointed and yelled at him.  This time, Ortiz ran at Gregg and the two started throwing haymakers, as both benches cleared again.

Ortiz said, “This is a guy that I always face and he never pitches in.  He throws a whole bunch of pitches inside, and I’m quite sure he was trying to hit me, no question about that.”

Gregg’s reason for pointing and yelling at Ortiz was because he swung at a 3-0 pitch when Boston was already up by seven, and did not run it out.

Orioles pitcher Mike Gonzalez was also suspended three games and fined for throwing at Ortiz during Sunday’s game.  Warnings were already issued earlier in that game.  Buck Showalter, the Orioles manager, received and served his one-game suspension on Thursday.

Baltimore’s Jim Johnson, and Boston’s Jarrod Saltalamacchia and John Lackey were also fined for their actions during the series.

Gregg and Gonzalez have appealed their suspensions and sources say that Ortiz will appeal as well.


0 Tino 2011-07-17 22:08 #1
the umps should just let the players duke it out - like the refs in hockey - sometimes ya just gotta let men be men

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