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Detroit Tigers Mid-Season Report

Written by Mitch Gatzke
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 With 5 players on the All-Star team it would seem that the Tigers are running away with the less than stellar American League Central but there are still many questions that remain unanswered. The most important question being, “why are the Cleveland Indians playing so well and when will they finally return to their typical form?” Well that question will be answered soon enough but there isn't much the Tigers themselves can do about that. All they can do is try to avoid the second half slide that seems to always plague the team. The most glaring problems with the team are most definitely the lack of a quality fifth starter and a permanent second baseman. Ryan Raburn isn't exactly the guy you want in your middle infield as you prepare for a pennant race. Who remembers Carlos Guillen? Not surprising that not too many do considering he hasn't significantly contributed in almost two full years but there have been rumors that he might be on his way back to the majors and is a possible candidate for the second base opening. As far as the fifth starter is concerned, it doesn't appear as though anyone from within the organization is going to provide what the back end of the rotation needs. This means the team will most likely be looking to make a trade to fill this hole. The problem is there isn't a whole lot of players at GM Dave Dombrowski's disposal to trade away to acquire what the team needs. On the bright side the Tigers' roster still boasts All-Star names such as, Cabrera, Verlander, Valverde, Avila, Peralta and Martinez (snubbed in my opinion). With perennial MVP candidate Miguel Cabrera leading the offense and Cy Young contender Justin Verlander heading the rotation the Tigers should be able to pull away from their foes in Cleveland.

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