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The Terror Continues with the NBA Lockout

Written by Cody Steger
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Game six of the NBA Finals seemed as blissful as can be for NBA fans. The enemy was defeated, the good-hearted story was heard, and the popularity of the game seemed to be skyrocketed. All that since has been fizzled as fast as a soda can on a humid afternoon. The issues continue to loom around the basketball universe especially with the problem of current players hopping a plane to start a new career overseas.

It was reported a few weeks back that some players would consider to change venues to the European market in order to keep a steady paycheck in the apparent lockout in the NBA. At the beginning, players who get about 15 minutes a game that have been in the league about three years were ready to transfer over. There didn't seem to be too much anxiety, until this week.


Announced late last night was that of Deron Williams and his contract to play in Turkey if the lockout does happen. The clause in his contract would kick in only if the issues were resolved between the two sides before the season begins. Besiktas, one of the top teams in Turkey, has been flirting with all sorts of NBA talent this past month and finally hit the jackpot with Williams. Williams is one of the premier talents in the entire league, causing concern for everyone with this issue.

Sasha Vujacic, the 27-year-old Slovenian and teammate of Williams with the Nets, decided to sign a one-year contract with Anadolu Efes, another top club in Turkey. Vujacic, known for his time as a Los Angeles Laker during crunch time because of his free throw percentage along with his wife Maria Sharapova, played for the Nets the majority of last season. He averaged over 11 points a game, which is the highest point total for any signee besides Williams.


Not all news is bad. Mickael Pietrus told reports that he declined a contract to play in Turkey in hope of a new agreement. The good news continued as Beno Udrih, the newly-acquired point guard of the Milwaukee Bucks, stated that he has no intention to play back in Europe if there is a lockout simply because he has two years left on his current deal for Milwaukee. Almost all current players with contracts won't risk the chance to ball in the Euro league if that hinders their deal with their respected NBA teams.

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