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Six Reasons to Watch The 2011 British Open

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This year’s British Open is Sandwich, England, and what a beautiful old historic course it is. This will be the 14th time that the Open is played at Royal St. George’s Golf Club. I know a lot of people are asking why will I watch this? Well I’m about to tell you 6 reasons to watch this year’s British Open.

1st reason

What else are you going to do at 4:30 in the morning? I know the obvious answer is sleep, but how awesome is it to wake up on in the morning and instead of watching SportsCenter on ESPN you are getting to watch an Open Championship.

2nd Reason

You get to watch players struggle all day long. Is it just me, or do you get some kind of pleasure out of watching professional golfers make bad shots sometimes? It definitely makes me feel better about my game. If players miss the fairways at Royal St. George’s, then they will pay the price severely.  This course is not very long, unlike the U.S. Open, so everyone has a shot to win.

3rd Reason

Actually getting to see John Daly play in a major. Daly has an exemption to play this major because he has hoisted the Claret Jug before. I still love watching John Daly swing the golf club. This is one of the two majors, for now, that John can play in. With his colorful pants and his long bombs off the tee, why wouldn’t you want to watch this guy play? (Go get ‘em, John)

4th Reason

Age is not a factor. If you remember in 2009, 59-year-old Tom Watson had a shot to win. He was the leader going in to the last round, but then fell off toward the end and finished a very impressive 2nd place. This could happen again this year with either Watson or someone else around his age because the course is playable for these older guys as long as their iron play is spectacular like Watson’s was in 2009.

5th reason

You may get to see someone win his first major. There are plenty of players out there that are seeking their first major title such as Luke Donald, the number one player in the world. Also, names like Stricker, Kuchar, and Westwood who are top players in the world but still haven’t won a major. You also have the chance to see someone that you’ve never heard of sneak up there and steal the Claret Jug.

6th Reason

Last, but not least, you get to watch the most exciting player in golf since Tiger Woods. Yes, I am talking about Rory McIlroy, the future face of golf. After a very impressive win at the U.S. Open, there is no doubt that Rory is the favor to win again this week. Last year at the British Open, McIlroy went low in one round shooting a 63 tying the record. This year, Rory has a chance of going low again and I would be highly surprised if he didn’t. McIlroy is young, full of confidence, and has one of the best swings on tour. You can either like or dislike him because it’s just a matter of time before he’s the new number one player in the world.

So wake up early Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday and watch the top players in the world battle a tough, short golf course. You will get a chance to see players that that are past their primes compete against today’s best golfers to try to show them that they can still swing the club and make great shots. Watching McIlory win his first Major was amazing and this week we may get to experience it again or he might win back-to-back majors. So put on your knickers, grab a couple of pints, and let’s watch the Open Championship, mates. Cheers!!!Associated Press

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