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Don't Expect Any Rookies to Have An Exceptional Year

Written by Matthew Stein
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With all the talk about the end of the lockout, it makes sense to start talking about the type of seasons that this year's rookie class will have.  Believe me when I say that no rookie is going to have an exceptional season this year.  There will be no 1998 Randy Moss or 1983 Eric Dickerson type production.  There will simply be mediocrity.  

Football is a game of percetion and it takes a great amount of time and training to even get close to perfection, which is why we can expect a below average year from the 2011 rookie class.  With the current NFL lockout, rookies haven't been able to meet with coaches or have organized practices.  Even if the lockout ends July 15th, like many expect, that is still nearly three months of missed workouts, study sessions and practice time.

There is no making up time.  They can't turn back the clock and get back those three months.  Rookies are stuck with a shortened offseason and there is nothing they can do about it.

Quarterbacks such as Cam Newton, Jake Locker and Christian Ponder, who will likely be thrown into starting positions, will struggle the most.  They haven't been able to work with their receivers or establish leadership.  They will be asked to lead a team that they haven't had the opportunity to establish a relationship with.  None of these players will have the type of season that Sam Bradford had as a rookie.

Offensive and defensive lineman will have less time to figure out blocking and blitzing schemes.  Wide receivers will struggle with timing and route running with their new quarterbacks. Running backs, defensive backs and special teams players are all thrown into this category also.

In fact, the only players that have the potential to make an impact this season are the uber-talented.  Two names instantly come to mind, A.J. Green of the Cincinnati Bengals and Patrick Peterson of the Arizona Cardinals.  These two players have so much raw talent and potentail that they have to ability to perform well this season.  All other rookies will struggle.

I'm not trying to say that every rookie is going to be a complete flop, but that we will see more "rookie mistakes" this season than any other season in recent memory.  No rookie will lead their team to the playoffs.  No rookie will make the All-Pro team.  We won't look back at this group of rookies and be amazed by the season they had.  We will simply watch and understand that once the lockout dragged through June, this year's rookie class was destined to be average.

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