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10 Greatest Division 1 College Basketball Coaches

Written by Kim Farricker
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There are many well-known coach basketball coaches who have changed the game and that have made a major impact at the university they coached at.· It was very difficult to make a countdown of the coaches because there are so many great coaches and will only be more. ·The rating system used was on National Champions, Final Fours, other tournaments and wins. The only requirement to qualify for this list was that the coach had to win at least one National Championship to qualify for this list.·· Since basketball is a changing game, this list could very easily change.

1. John Wooden.· John Wooden is the name many think of when they hear the word, college basketball.· Wooden was a very tough and fundamentally sound coach.· Wooden coached many stars including Bill Walton and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.· Wooden coached from 1946-1975.·· He led UCLA to 10 National Championships and 12 Final Fours.· ·Wooden was very well respected in the game of basketball.

2. Mike Krzyzewski.· Coach K has been at Duke since 1980 and has made Duke one of the college basketball powerhouses.· During Coach K’s reign at Duke, Duke has made 11 Final Four Appearances and has 4 National Championships.· Coach K will pass his mentor, Bob Knight next year for all-time wins, 902.

3. Bob Knight- Bob Knight had many accomplishments in his long coaching career.· Knight currently holds the record for wins with 902.· He got to 5 Final Fours and won 3 National Championships.· Knight coached many greats including Steve Alford and Isiah Thomas.

4. Dean Smith- Dean Smith was the man who made North Carolina basketball what it is today.· Smith coached many stars like James Worthy and Michael Jordan.· Smith ended his coaching career with 879 wins and a 77.6 % winning percentage.

5.Adolph Rupp- Rupp ended his coaching career with 876 wins, which is fourth all-time.· He also added 4 National Championships and 6 Final Fours.· Rupp is a huge part of the successful history of Kentucky basketball. ·Rupp had an 82.2% winning percentage and was National Coach of the Year 4 times.

6. Phog Allen- Allen coached three sports at the University of Kansas, but basketball is where he was the most successful.· He coached Kansas for 39 years and brought them 3 National Championships and 24 Regular Season Championships. ·He coached Dean Smith, former North Carolina coach.

7. Henry Iba- Iba is known as one of the toughest coaches of all-time. He ran a very aggressive and tight man-to-man defense. Iba coached Oklahoma State to 2 National Championships and 4 Final Fours.· Iba won 751 games in his long career. ·Iba also coached baseball at Oklahoma State.

8. Jim Calhoun-Calhoun has been the face of the UCONN men’s basketball program. Calhoun has four final Fours and Three National Championships.· Calhoun has been a coach since 1972.· Jim has coached many players that were successful at the college and NBA level.·· Calhoun has 855 wins.

9. ·Roy Williams- Williams has won his 2 National Championships in the past 6 years.· He also has 7 Final Fours with Carolina and Kansas.· Williams has had successful programs at both North Carolina and Kansas.· One of Roy’s best players he coached was Paul Pierce, who has had a very successful NBA career. ·Williams has 643 wins.· Roy has been the AP coach of the year twice.

10. Denny Crum- Crum coached many good teams at Louisville.· Crum lead Louisville to 6 Final Fours and 2 National Championships when he was coach. Louisville was especially dominant in the 1980’s. ·He coached Louisville from 1971-2001.· Denny was also known for scheduling tough non-conference games to prepare his team for later in the season.

Other coaches who were considered: Jim Boeheim, The MCGuires, Rick Pittino, John Thompson, and Billy Donovan.


0 J. Michael 2011-06-13 15:57 #6
Bob Knight is the best. He never cheated. (Wooden and K have bent the rules/cheated. Wooden's is legend. For K, just dig into how Chris Duhon's mom went from unemployed and in foreclosure to working for a Dukie in Raleigh Durham making near $50K in a job that had not existed in the company before that.

Knight took average players and did extraordinary things.
0 Doug48105 2011-06-13 10:29 #5
John Wooden would have most of his wins deleted if the NCAA had gone after cheaters back then with the energy they do now. Chris Webber would look like a pauper compared to the UCLA players.
+2 al gonzalez 2011-06-12 15:18 #4
"Im sorry....Boeheim belongs before Roy. and Calhoun is a little high. Really...Donovan has done as much about as Calhoun without being an incredible jerk."

jim calhoun a little high? a jerk? you obviously know [censored] about him or what hes done in his career and at connecticut.he won 250 games at northeastern and had multiple appearances in the ncaa tourney then he took a program that was horrible with no winning tradition that finished last in the big east every year and built it to an elite program with 4 final fours and 3 national titles in the last 15 years!!! he will end his career with over 900 wins and btw hes in the hall of fame already!!!
0 OkaForPrez 2011-06-12 12:42 #3
Calhoun: 3 NCs, 4 Final Fours, 9 Elite 8s, 12 sweet 16s
Donovan: 2 NCs, 3 Final Fours, 4 Elite 8s, 5 sweet 16s.

How do you define about?
-2 Jason Terrell 2011-06-12 11:29 #2
Also I hate to toot a UNC horn..but Smith is above Knight
-4 Jason Terrell 2011-06-12 11:27 #1
Im sorry....Boeheim belongs before Roy. and Calhoun is a little high. Really...Donovan has done as much about as Calhoun without being an incredible jerk.

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