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Mission NBA Overexposure: Accepted

Written by Bryan Sprader
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For the past few weeks, the NBA playoffs have been choking the life from some of the most loyal sports fans.The NBA's product is causing many to turn to other outlets with the massive amounts of news and media focused on it's 'less than stellar' playoffs. Like trying to avoid the OJ Simpson murder trial in 1995, the NBA has taken up a residence on most television channels. Billboards, magazines, and even Facebook are flooded with advertisements for the most hyped playoffs in NBA history. Even one of my favorite shows, Sportscenter, has been dominated with clips and analysis about the Big 3, Lebron, Dirk, and the rest of them. The NBA needs to change its approach to advertising, instead of the overwhelmingly repetitive soliciting of their product.

With the amount of overexposure, 'amazing' has happened everywhere according to the NBA(Picture: NBA).In order to protect myself from any NBA lawsuits, the NBA playoffs are technically not killing anyone, unless a large billboard has fallen in Times Square and taken out the Naked Cowboy.The NBA playoff experience leaves me changing channels to avoid Jimmy Kimmel specials that highlight ABC's televising of the 2011 NBA playoffs. I turn off my phone since every update from my friends on Facebook focuses on 'Lebron (being) da man' or 'The Heat's (insert your own expletive here) fail. Even FM radio personalities are talking about who's better, Mavs or Heat. On the four letter network, Sportscenter focuses nearly 40 minutes of it's broadcast to NBA analysis and replays, even reading Twitter comments by NFL players about the NBA playoffs. Sportscenter makes me feel like professional·baseball is the new WNBA with the amount of time they neglectfully give to it. ESPN follows with Pardon the Interruption, SportsNation, and Around the Horn to only discuss the most important subject in the world right now, the NBA playoffs.

My demands: 1. The NBA should go away for the summer and never look back. They have tried way too hard to promote the playoffs, because they do not have two 'sexy' teams who can play basketball. The Celtics-Lakers was a natural, competitive match-up that doesn't need the massive amount of hype given to it by ESPN and everyone else.

2.Continued coverage of the NFL lockout. No really, they will have a season and I would love to watch player-led practices and activities. However, the NFL is partly responsible for the overexposure of the NBA. Since there is a lockout in place right now, the media is struggling to find storylines by any means necessary (Chipper Jones calls out Jason Heyward, come on).  When the media decides that they can't milk the NFL lockout anymore, they choose to focus on the NBA playoffs instead.  

3. More media coverage of Major League·Baseball by ESPN and other networks. Soon enough, it will be the only of the four-major sports taking place.  The dramatic decline of baseball  has not happened only because of our latest and greatest depression, but by a lack of coverage. If more people were able to follow baseball's excitement on a daily basis, it's growth would be substantial, just like hockey would grow if shown more often on NBC.

Until the Mavericks and Heat wrap it up, I won't be using my phone to access Facebook, nor will I flip on my TV to watch four straight hours of Sportscenter and basketball highlights.  Another dunk? Awesomeness.  Do us all a favor NBA, NBA analysts, media personalities, Lebron, and Jimmy Kimmel; relax on your coverage of these 2011 NBA playoffs or use your power for good, not evil, and spotlight MLB or NFL off-season workouts.


0 Tim 2011-06-10 13:31 #1
I am sick of hearing about Dirks fever or non shooting finger. I agree with this article very much, Lebron or Dwayne Wade dunking with an open lane is Not a highlight!

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