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If your’re planning on attending the inaugural Big Ten Championship Game in Indianapolis on Saturday night, there are still a crap-load of Tickets available, cheap ones too. Despite the fact that the game is a rematch of perhaps the best game in all of college football in 2011 — Michigan State beat Wisconsin on a Hail Mary as time expired — the market is flooded with Tickets to the Big Ten Championship Game.


Set for an 8:15 pm kickoff, the game will be played in Lucas Oil Stadium, located right in the heart of the Downtown Indy (where there are a slew of new hotels to stay in, if you’re coming from East Lansing or Madison). The reason there are so many tickets available on the secondary market is that when tickets originally went on sale, fans had no clue if their team would be in the game or not. That led fans of teams like Nebraska, Ohio State, Michigan, and Illinois to purchase tickets with the hopes that they’d be making the trip to Indianapolis this Saturday. When things didn’t work out, sellers began pushing those seats onto the secondary market. While that’s bad news for the Big Ten Conference (they had to shoot down a rumor that they were paying people to attend the game as seat fillers earlier today), it’s great news for people look to swoop in and purchase Cheap Big Ten Championship Game Tickets.

Available seats in the upper bowels of Lucas Oil Stadium are plentiful, with many tickets in those locations selling between $15-$20. That’s an unbelievable bargain to watch two of the best teams in the country battling it out. If you’re looking to get a little closer to the action, that’s not a problem either — tickets can be secured for some 100 level seats for less than $99. Heck, there are even Suite Tickets still available, if that’s your cup of tea. Long story short, if you have nothing going on Saturday night and want to watch an awesome College Football Game, buy Wisconsin vs. Michigan State Big Ten Championship Tickets on the cheap and have yourself a fun little evening.

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