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I know, I know — the SEC Championship Game should feature the LSU Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide in a rematch of their “riveting” defensive battle from a couple of weeks ago. If LSU takes care of the Georgia Bulldogs on Satudary night as expected, that rematch will likely occur in BCS National Championship Game. Still, it doesn’t exactly make sense that Les Miles and his #1 ranked Tigers have to put their season on the line with one more tough game, while Nick Saban and the Tide get to spend the weekend sitting in a hot tub, sipping sparkling champagne and giggling about how they tricked the BCS.

SEC Championship Game: LSU vs. Georgia Tickets

Oh well. Despite the fact that College Football is the wonkiest sport in existence — one run by greedy presidents, clueless administrators, and, as far as I can tell, a monkey pushing buttons in a locked room somewhere — fans of SEC Football just don’t seem to care. Tickets to the Conference Championship Game, which is set to be played at the Georgia Dome this coming Saturday (December 3, 2011), are far-and-away the most in-demand ticket on the market right now. Box offices sold out within hours of Tickets going on-sale, meaning many fans have turned to the secondary market to find seats for the LSU vs. Georgia game.

There are still plenty of LSU vs. Georgia Tickets available, that’s not a problem, it’s what it’ll cost to secure those tickets that may surprise some fans. Upper Deck seats are currently going for around $120, with the prices rising drastically the closer to the field you want to sit. Those prices will fluctuate as Saturday nears, but there’s no telling which way they’ll go. Considering the game is in Atlanta — an easy trip for Georgia fans — and that LSU is playing for a huge sack of marbles, this blogger’s guess is that 2011 SEC Championship Game Tickets won’t be any cheaper than they are right now. In other words, get yours today if you’re on any kind of budget.

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