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Fantasy Sports - Roto Advice

What was once a niche game played by a devoted following of die-hards, Fantasy Sports have exploded into the mainstream over the past decade, making Fantasy gamers the majority among sports fans. And nothing is bigger than Fantasy Football, which not only has entire shows dedicated to lineup decision, but also has a popular sitcom based around it.

Fantasy Baseball is the oldest version of the Fantasy Game, and it can be played either in a head-to-head format, or Rotisserie, which allows players to accumulate points throughout the year. Fantasy Basketball and Fantasy Hockey have carved out place among Fantasy gamers as well, while Fantasy NASCAR and Fantasy Soccer are both growing in popularity with each new season.

Don’t leave the prognostications to the “experts”— share your knowledge with like-minded fanatics right here at The Sports Jury.

2011 Fantasy Football Guide

If you’d like to share your thoughts on Fantasy Sports, The Sports Jury is the place to do it. We give you, the fan, a forum to voice your opinions with no restrictions because, well … you deserve to be heard.


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