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EPL Round Up Week 14 

Arsenal 4 – Wigan 0 – Arsenal is out of the Carling Cup (probably for the best after last year’s debacle), has moved on in the Champions League, and has steadily moved up the table. Overall, life is good for a Gunner fan. RvP looks like the best player in the league, and this past game goals were scored by FOUR different players. There are also rumors of Asenal adding goal scoring depth during the winter transfer window. Szczesny seems to have settled into being the keeper and filling a large hole in the Arsenal roster. With the return of Jack Wilshire upcoming and the progression of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Arsenal can make a strong push in the upcoming weeks to move into the top four.

Manchester United 1 – Aston Villa 0 – Manchester United continues to win, but if they don’t score more goals they have little chance of catching City. To make matters worse Javier Hernandez is probably out a few weeks with an ankle injury. Welbeck and Valencia will be getting more playing time going forward. Ferguson needs to be a bit more aggressive with Rooney to pick up the goal scoring pace, wins aren’t going to be enough to take first this season. Aston Villa is slowly falling down the table and doesn’t look like they will be able to turn it around in the next coming weeks.

Tottenham 3 – Bolton 0 – Tottenham is great. Their offense is fluid and the defense is playing well. They look better than Chelsea and Liverpool at the moment and could finish as high as third. I doubt Modric will still be requesting a transfer this winter, but who knows. It would be silly on his part to leave right now. Cahill was unfairly sent off for Bolton, which put them on the defensive early. A small victory can be claimed as Bolton won the appeal of Cahill’s card and he will be able to play this weekend. Bolton needs to turn their play around quick or face relegation.

QPR 1 – West Brom 1 – QPR are playing pretty decent in their first season back in the top flight. West Brom was happy to get a point.

Manchester City 5 – Norwich 1 – Manchester City continues the scoring parade. Mancini has done a good job so far this season - especially when it comes to Tevez. After pleading with his fellow countrymen to join the team, Aguero has left Tevez alone to sulk. There is talk about City adding Hulk during the transfer window, but why? They don’t need his goal scoring or another striker on their team – even if Tevez is sent away. I would like City to add a defensive midfielder or a defender during the transfer window rather than another attacker.

Blackburn 4 – Swansea 2 – This is a game that Swansea would love to have back, at worst they would have wanted a tie, but to lose by two goals really hurts. Not only do they lose out on any points they also lose two goals in the standings, which may hurt them in the long run. For a team like Swansea to avoid relegation they must not give away points and when they lose, they have to lose by a goal.

Chelsea 3 - Newcastle 0 ­– This was a more telling game for Newcastle than Chelsea. Newcastle’s vaunted defense and keeper let in three goals against one of the weaker top sides in Chelsea. Chelsea entered the weekend in desperation and there was even talk that Villas-Boas wouldn’t make it past the season. Chelsea was able to win by three and move up in the table. This coupled with them progressing in the Champions League has put some life in the team. Fernando Torres is still lost and players still want to leave, but if Chelsea is able to clean out the problem players they have a chance to right the ship in the second half.

Wolves 2 – Sunderland 1 – A game the Wolves needed to win and did win. Sunderland continues to have the same problems it had under its previous manager and doesn’t look like a squad that is comfortable playing together during practice let alone in the top English league. On the bright side at least we know Bendtner can’t score when given more playing time.

Stoke 1 – Everton 0 – Everton continues its surprising turn in the bottom half of the table this season. Howard has been well in goal, but there is no offense to back him up. If Everton keeps up this poor play than they may be facing relegation at the end of the season, which would push an already angry fan base over the edge.

Fulham 1 – Liverpool 0 – Liverpool continue their up and down season with a loss to a Fulham side that hasn’t been this strong this season. Clint Dempsey has become the highest scoring American player in the Premier League. Dempsey has been the best player for the US for the past few years (yes I believe he was better than Donovan in the World Cup) and is making headway for American players to go over to the EPL and other European leagues. Americans had had opportunities before, but Dempsey has done the most with his and hopefully more teams will be willing to invest in American born players.

Three Matches to Watch

Norwich vs. Newcastle – Let’s see how Newcastle handles itself after a tough loss.

Manchester United vs. Wolves – Will United go more offensive and how will they handle the Hernandez injury?

Chelsea vs. Manchester City – Chelsea can make a statement by defeating City, but would gladly settle for a draw.

Whats Your Verdict?