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Liverpool 2 – Everton 0: Liverpool was able to beat their derby rivals with a solid shutout. The big news out of this game didn’t actually occur until earlier on Wednesday when Luis Suarez held an interview and gave a rather candid (depending on who you talk to maybe even foolish) answer in regards to Liverpool’s chances this season. Suarez stated that he did not think Liverpool could catch either Manchester clubs or Chelsea for the Premier League title.

I don’t usually like when athletes give up on a season (although I’m an Arsenal fan, so part of me does like watching players give up, I guess), but Suarez gave an honest, and let us be honest, a truthful answer. He didn’t say Liverpool couldn’t win a trophy, just that they would have to do so in a Cup tournament. At this point in the campaign that is all Liverpool could really ask for. They should have two priorities. First, finishing in the top four to gain a Champions League birth, so this means holding off Tottenham, Stoke, and Newcastle. Second, they should try to win a cup and Suarez realizes this.

Liverpool has not gelled yet. Suarez has lived up to his billing as a brilliant and fiery striker, but the other big signings have fallen rather short. Andy Carrol is MIA, but maybe he does spend too much time at the pub and not enough on the pitch. Downing and Adam have had flashes of superb play, but have yet to string it together. Fourth place and landing a secondary trophy would be a huge success for Liverpool. Suarez is completely right in his analysis of the team.

Tottenham 2 – Arsenal 1: Tottenham was able to beat its derby rival as well. Arsenal kept pace with Tottenham, but were outmatched in a loss (if you’re a Tottenham supporter) or cheated out of a potential victory (if you’re an Arsenal fan). Sagna’s injury further depletes an already laughable Arsenal defense. Yet, like the Liverpool game, what happened off the pitch was more of a story than the actual match.

A group of fans from both Arsenal and Tottenham released a barrage of ‘colorful’ insults directed at Emmanuel Adebayor in regards to his race. To Adebayor’s credit he handled it with extreme class, but that in no way excuses the poor display.

For some reason the world views America as one of the most racist countries in the world (I’m speaking from my experiences abroad). While I can say that race is in fact a problem in America, we have made great strides in the race relations and in many ways are ahead of other countries. The problem is magnified and more in the forefront in America because we are an extremely diverse nation. The fact of the matter is that soccer worldwide harbors an extreme amount of racism between players, but also from fans. The fact that fans have openly chanted derogative terms and thrown bananas at black players (sometimes even players on the team they support) is indefensible. I have been to American sporting events where fans have stepped over the line, but then thrown out. It is hard for me to believe that a large section of the fans were allowed to carry on with racist chants throughout Sunday’s game and no one did anything about it. What is more upsetting as an Arsenal fan are the facts that Adebayor used to play for Arsenal and that Theirry Henry (Arsenal’s greatest player) went through the same treatment at opposing stadiums. For being the world’s game, soccer has a long way to go.

Chelsea 5 – Bolton 1: I guess Chelsea felt they needed to at least keep pace in goal differential with the two Manchester clubs, given that they are behind in points. What has happened to Bolton? They started off great, but now look like a squad that will most certainly be relegated. They need to make some changes in the upcoming weeks to make sure that faint doesn’t befall them.

Fulham 6 – QPR 0: Money can’t buy wins as QPR’s revamped roster looked pedestrian against Fulham. American Clint Dempsey had a great game and helped lead Fulham to a win that I can only classify as whatever is better than ‘convincing’.

Manchester United 2 – Norwich 0: Manchester United was able to get all three points; United won in the opposite fashion of Fulham. United needs to figure out its defensive woes if it wants to get back to the Champions League Final as well as win another Premier League title. De Gea has played very well the last few games and is steadily getting better – he still has some fits, but Ferguson must be pleased with the progress de Gea has made so far. Smalling and Jones are the future of United’s defense and need playing time as such.

Aston Villa 2 – Wigan 0: Aston Villa remains undefeated in league play and picks up three points in a win against Wigan.

Swansea 2 – Stoke 0: Stoke beats Liverpool and ties Manchester, but lose to promoted Swansea. Stoke is a team that is obviously on the rise, but has trouble maintaining intensity game to game (it’s like I’m watching last year’s Arsenal campaign). Swansea picked up three much needed points and Michael Vorm continues to make a case for a transfer to a better club. Swansea has played with a lot of heart this season and have performed admirably in their promotion, I hope they stay up.

Manchester City 4 – Blackburn 0: Good news they won and Balotelli was instrumental in the win. Bad news Aguero had to come off with a groin injury. Manchester City was supposed to have an embarrassment of riches at striker, yet Tevez is suspended (anyone surprised?), Dzeko is in the doghouse after an outburst during the Bayern Munich Champions League game, and now Aguero is hurt. Mancini needs at least two of those players to be able to contend with Manchester United (although a sane Balotelli and healthy Aguero may be enough).

Sunderland 2 – West Brom 2: Sunderland and West Brom both walked away with a point.

Newcastle 2 – Wolves 1: Newcastle continues its impressive campaign with a win over the reeling Wolves. Odd observation of the day: On Fox Soccer Channel they have a commercial where a guy is trying to keep his love of the EPL from his girlfriend because he is ashamed. It turns out he is a Newcastle fan, what I find funny is that 1) it’s not one of the more recognizable clubs and 2) leads me to believe that Newcastle fans are ashamed of rooting for their team out in the open.

Matches for Next Week

It is time for another international break, so no EPL this weekend.

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