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New York and Montreal are two proud sports cities. New York is home to a variety of teams and sports. New York is more known for the Yankees, Giants, Rangers, Knicks, and Jets. Montreal is home to one sport hockey. The Canadiens own the hockey crazed city of Montreal. The two cities are totally different, but the one thing they have in common is media coverage. Teams who play in these cities are under a microscope more than in any other city in North America.

In Canada, hockey will dominate the paper in the major cities.  But, it seems the Canadiens get more coverage in the press than the other six Canadian teams. In the United States, hockey is low on the totem pole of sports. However, New York is the toughest place to play because of the media. Montreal and New York are now the center of controversial comments made by players on two significant sports teams. No matter what the sport, players who speak negatively to the media regarding their team and teammates will most likely feel the wrath of the team’s management in one form or another.

Mike Cammalleri a star forward for the Montreal Canadiens was traded to one of his old teams the Calgary Flames Thursday night during Montreal’s game with the Boston Bruins. He was traded for Rene Bourque, prospects, and draft picks. The move came out of nowhere after his controversial comments about the organization on Wednesday. Cammalleri made comments about Montreal’s recent struggles. In his interview he stated, “We prepare for our games like losers. We play like losers. So it’s no wonder why we lose.”

Many believe Cammalleri was moved out of town not because of his comments, but because the Canadiens needed to get bigger up front. GM Pierre Gauthier said, “One of the reasons that it would improve the club is that we need to score harder goals, we need to score the goals that are not the fancy ones and are not the outside shots.” Cammalleri was pulled off the bench during the game with the Bruins. He was escorted to the hotel, and he was told to wait for instructions. The trade came an hour later.

Over in New York, the New York Jets play second fiddle to the New York Giants. New coach Rex Ryan brought in a new attitude for the Jets. From the coach to the players all the Jets players do is talk without backing it up on the field. When the Jets success stops, their talking stops as well. However, comments were made within and outside the locker room regarding quarterback Mark Sanchez and his work ethic.

Third string quarterback Greg McElroy made comments about the locker room. He said, “the locker room was filled with selfish players and the atmosphere was corrupt.” Now the headlines in New York are about Mark Sanchez and his work ethic. Unnamed players were quoted by the New York Daily News as saying, “They don’t want to be truthful with [Sanchez],” “They treat him like a baby instead of a man.” Those players believe that Sanchez’s job is safe because the Jets have not signed a capable backup to push Sanchez.

Players airing thoughts to the media about the locker room area should speak in general about the team play and game results. They should refrain speaking to the media regarding personalities or subjects that are sacred within the locker room. No matter which sport is involved, players need to discuss personalities, work ethic, and issues only among themselves. If a player wants to call out a teammate then just stand up and put your name to it. Controversial comments to the media are ways to either get a player run out of town or create division within the locker room.

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