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With the National Hockey League’s All Star Game approaching next weekend in Ottawa, the fans are now going through the annual debate of should in the game and who should be out of the game. The NHL All Star Game is an exhibition game of talent for the fans. The game has no meaning beyond entertainment. The game is for the fans and first time players who had never made the All Star game before. However, the voting has turned into a popularity contest where the hometown players, some more deserving than others, get voted in over much more proven NHL players. There are players with talent and statistics which have been left off this years’ roster because of the selection process.

The fans stuff the ballot box with players’ names which they want to see in the game, and they pick the starting lineups for the game. However, the fans should only get one vote on the matter which should be for the starting roster for the game. The National Hockey League should select the players who go to the game. Many fans complain how the same players go to the game every year. However, it is the fans themselves that create this situation. Sometimes the same players will start in the game.  The NHL is no different than other All Star events in any league which are nothing but popularity contests.

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If statistics mattered in the voting process players like: Radim Vrbata, Patrice Bergeron, Patrick Elias, Ilya Kovalchuk, and Kris Versteeg would be going to Ottawa. There is an outrage amongst fans that Teemu Selanne and Nicklas Lidstrom should have accepted invitations to go to the NHL All Star game. Lidstrom and Selanne were asked to participate in the weekend’s festivities but declined to participate prior to the announcement of the rosters. Fans reacted negatively towards those two players because they are having unbelievable years, and they should be in Ottawa to represent the league in some sort of fashion. However, Selanne and Lidstrom have earned the right decline invitations to the event. Both players are up there in age and time off would do them some good. Once the league knew these players would not attend, league officials should have immediately selected one of the talented players left off the roster.

There is always going to be a handful of players that will not be going to the NHL All Star game. As fans, we like to see the big stars like Selanne, Lidstrom, Crosby, and other tops NHL players at the game. Their talent makes for enjoyment and fun. But, sometimes these players are nursing injuries or cannot go because of personal reasons. The NHL All Star game is an accomplishment for some, but a needless grind for others. Fans will continue to debate which players should be in the All Star game, and which players should be taken off the roster. The NHL All Star Game will take place in Ottawa on Sunday January 29, 2011. In the end, those in attendance will enjoy the game and the debate on player selection will be put aside until next year.

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