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2012 Winter Classic Information

2008 Winter Classic in Orchard Park

The 2012 Winter Classic will be played on January 2nd, 2012 at Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park, the home of the Philadelphia Phillies.  The game will be played between the New York Rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers.  The Winter Classic is an outdoor hockey game that has been put on by the NHL for several years now.  The very first Winter Classic was played in 2008 between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Buffalo Sabres and was played at the home of the Buffalo Bills in Orchard Park, New York.  Other games have been played in 2009 at Wrigley Field, the 2010 game was played at Fenway Park and last years classic was played at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.  All of the games were incredibly popular.

So what do I do if I want to go to the Winter Classic in 2012?

Winter Classic Tickets are so popular that each of the previous games required potential attendees to enter a lottery where winners would be given the “Chance” to buy tickets.  Thats right, a chance to buy, meaning you would be given a password and when tickets went on sale you would get to compete with everyone else to see if you could get tickets.  Past events have also had a ticket limit of 2 for each purchaser making it even more difficult to procure tickets in groups larger than 2.  If you want to find more information on the game or tickets straight from the Flyers you can visit this page.  You probably wont have much luck and might want to consult popular online ticket brokers to find 2012 Winter Classic Tickets.  Tickets for the event are typically very expensive whether you get lucky with the lottery or buy them from a Ticket Broker.

Where are the best seats for the Classic?

Seating for the Winter Classic actually works with what most would consider to be reverse logic.  We are programmed as event goers to want to be as close as possible to the action.  When it comes to Winter Classic Tickets the most premium seats are actually higher up in the venue.  So why is that?  It because the game is played in baseball or football stadiums, therefore the setup of the playing surface is supported by unconventional beams, posts and wires that typically create an obstructed view when you are in certain places within the venue, where as the seating the is higher up typically avoids the obstruction issues.

What time is the game?

The time of the game is still To Be Determined.  Past games have actually had the the game time changed within days of the event in order to accomodate pending weather conditions.  When the game time is announced it will most likely be 2pm based on past events.

Will there be another Winter Classic in 2013?

Yes, the NHL has made the Winter Classic a permanent part of their yearly schedule each and every year until 2021 per the current contract with NBC to televise the game.

Why is the game on January 2nd this year and not on January 1st?

While the Winter Classic has been played on January 1st each year, this year the event will be played on January 2nd in order to not conflict with NFL and College Bowl Games that are already scheduled for January 1st, 2012.

Hopefully you find this all helpful and you get a chance to attend the game.  Past attendees have typical spoken highly of their experience at the game and said they would would attend another game like it.  Have Fun!

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