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Over the years, both in college and professional football, passing the ball has consistently become the way most teams rely on gaining big yards. For many years, all teams would just simply hand the ball to a running back on most downs and hope for the best based on how capable their offensive line was at creating holes. Currently in the NFL in particular, teams have a tendency to throw every set of downs while only running a few times. Quarterbacks have become more accurate and Wide receivers have genetically gotten taller and stronger. Because of this change, it is even more important that a defense have a cornerback. His responsibility is more challenging than other players because he has to literally eliminate a player from the game. When a defense is able to acquire a top tier cornerback, the wide receiver from the opposing offense is “put on an island” and is uninvolved in the game. Currently in the NFL, there are many great quarterbacks and wide revivers, but not very many stand out cornerbacks. Darrelle Revis, Charles Tillman, Champ Bailey, and Jonathan Joseph come to mind, but most team’s corners mainly go unrecognized to most non-football fanatics. On average, most decent quarterbacks hope to ellipse 3500 yards on a season. If every team had the good corner it needs, quarterbacks and wide receivers numbers would be much lower than they currently are.

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The past Superbowl champions have all had a relatively great cornerback on their team. The New York Giants had Corey Webster who played surprisingly well throughout the playoffs. The Packers cornerback Charles Woodson was able to shut down the Steelers best wide receiver and possible future hall of famer Hines Ward in 2011. The Saints had both Jabari Greer and Tracy Porter (who is well known for his game winning interception of Peyton Manning late in the 4th quarter during Superbowl 44). Having a top tier cornerback is somewhat of a rare commodity, but when a team can obtain one, their chances of becoming champions increase dramatically.

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