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The recent crop of quarterbacks entering the NFL in the last few years is instituting a new style of play in the NFL.

There are still traditional type play quarterbacks coming out of college such Andrew Luck which as a Rookie has shown an ability to be one of the premier quarterbacks in the NFL. Yet, First and second year quarterbacks: Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick and Rookies RG111 and Russell Wilson are showing a whole new style to the NFL – “The Read Option”.

There have always been option and scrabbling quarterbacks such as Kenny “the Snake” Stabler, and Rodger Staubach but these quarterbacks would run more out of necessity. These new quarterbacks are more agile, strong, mobile and athletic and they can pass and run. They are smart and their style is playing havoc on the defense. Their type of play has been successful in College and the transition to the pros seems to be working.

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Defensive coordinators will need to adjust to this new style of play and the defense needs to adapt in the coming seasons. Defending this type of quarterback is no easy task, but, the professional coordinators will collaborate with college level coaches to develop a plan to contain these mobile individuals and the read shoot offensive.

Quarterbacks are running for more yardage than running backs; thus, relegating running backs to lessor role. No so the case with the Washington Redskins. Alfred Morris has shown that Running backs can complement the quarterback with both creating a 1-2 punch for success.

If RGIII was with Minnesota, his results or Adrian Peterson’s result might be different. The coaching philosophy plays a significant role on how these new style quarterbacks’ skills are to be used in the game.

There is a question as to the longevity of these new quarterbacks given there running more. They become prone to more injuries which may shorten their careers.

People are finding it exciting and a little more open. Yet, the quarterback role must be to guide and direct the team to victory using all resources.  There is no doubt these new style quarterbacks are bring excitement to the game.

However, the so called” traditional quarterbacks are still a powerful force in the NFL. The Bradys’, Rodgers’ and Mannings’  have the leadership  and skills provide a command of the game and read defenses  to give teams the winning edge. Both types of quarterbacks will flourish in the league. It is matter which will be the most dominant in the years to come.

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