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The Green Bay have been as dominant this year as any team since the ’07 Patriots. They won their first 13 games of the season, finishing 15-1, and Aaron Rodgers and the offense operated with unprecedented efficiency. The Packers only loss came against the lowly Kansas City Chiefs in a throw-away game, and they were only truly threatened on two other occasions: in Week 17 against the Lions — when most of the backups were playing — and in Week 13 against the New York Giants, this week’s opponent in the Divisional Round of the NFC Playoffs.  The Giants dominated the fifth-seeded Falcons on Saturday night, delivering football fans a second helping of Packers vs. Giants.

Green Bay Packers vs. New York Giants Tickets 

Green Bay vs. New York will be played at Lambeau Field on Sunday, January 15 at 3:30 pm, with the winner advancing to the NFC Championship game the following weekend. In their December 4 matchup against the Packers, the Giants stood toe-to-toe with the defending champs and found themselves tied with under a minute to play. Aaron Rodgers led Green Bay to a field goal as time expired, but it was an impressive (and confidence-boosting) game for Eli and Company.

The Packers are coming off a week of rest and relaxation, while the Giants have been in must-win mode since Week 16. They have knocked off the Jets, Cowboys and Falcons in successive games, and on Sunday held a Falcons offense coming off a 45-point showing to zero points, twice stuffing Matt Ryan on crucial fourth-down runs. They are as hot as any team in the league right now, and may just be the most equipped to stop The Pack Train, if indeed it can be stopped.

If you want to be in the stands at Lambeau come Sunday afternoon watching what promises to be one of the most exciting games of the 2012 NFL Playoffs, the secondary ticket market is probably your best option. A look at a few different popular ticket sites reveals a large amount of available seats in the $180 - $225 price range. That includes upper-level seats as well as a few choice options in the lower-level end zone sections. The secondary ticket market is subject to price changes based on market demand, and considering the popularity of the Packers and the Giants, demand is expected to be very high for Packers vs. Giants Playoff Tickets, so we suggest getting them as soon as possible if you plan on attending the Sunday’s Divisional matchup.

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