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There are two benefits to rooting for a bad NFL team – it allows you to realistically fantasize about Andrew Luck, and it makes attending a game much cheaper. That’s the reality facing several teams and their fan bases in 2011.

Three games into the year, and there are still five teams who have to yet get a win – Minnesota Vikings, Indianapolis Colts, Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins, and the St. Louis Rams. While playoffs hopes aren’t completely dashed for those teams, they would need to go at least 10-3, and probably 11-5 to make the AFC Playoffs, and that’s not very likely based on how they’ve played thus far (although, to be fair, the Rams only need to go 7-6 to win the Wretched West). Obviously losing stinks for everyone involved, but a byproduct of that is Cheap NFL Tickets for certain teams. In some instances, like the Colts and Vikings, the cheaper prices are allowing fans that had been priced-out to attend games without taking out a second mortgage.

And it’s not just the fans of winless teams who are finding tickets priced below face value; tickets for the 49ers/Buccaneers game have been seen as low $9 on the secondary market. Now, the secondary ticket market is subject to wild fluctuations, so it’s impossible to say exactly how cheaply fans can attend NFL games right now, but suffice it to say, it’s a pretty low dollar amount, comparatively speaking. Unless, of course, you want to see the Eagles, Cowboys, Patriots, Steelers, or Packers – then you might have to make that call to the bank.

Looking at the Week 4 slate of game, matchups such as Tennessee vs. Cleveland, Minnesota vs. Kansas City, and Buffalo vs. Cincinnati have been seen below face value this week leading up to the game. Even the Colts vs. Buccaneers Monday Night Football game tickets are selling cheaply, which is surprising considering the shenanigans those two have gotten into on MNF in the past. It’s hard to pinpoint just why certain tickets are selling for way less than others, but injuries, mis-management (I’m looking at you Cincinnati Bengals), and a general malaise following the lockout have undoubtedly combined to make NFL tickets much more affordable in 2011. Even if your team stinks, lower prices are certainly not something that can be complained about. And if you’re a Colts fan, enjoy the cheap tickets while you can – when Peyton Manning comes back in 2012, prices will again match the level of excitement in Indianapolis.

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