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1) Cheick Kongo gave a win away. The fight with him and Browne ended in a draw due to the fact Kongo kept tugging on Browne’s shorts. The ref gave him numerous warnings, yet he still continued to do it. Kongo had the point deduction, and STILL continued to do it. I know grabbing the shorts is something rarely called for a point deduction, but Kongo gave his win away by doing that.

2) Pyle really stepped it up. After Pyle said he has been disappointed in his own UFC career, he came in and dominated the undefeated Brit in Hathaway, who destroyed Diego Sanchez at UFC 114. Hopefully this win will put Pyle back on track, and hope he can keep dominating opponents like he did on Saturday.

3) Carlos Condit: WOW!!! That’s all I have to say. Hard shot to the face, couple of follow punches, and it was lights out for Hardy. Condit called for the winner of Shields-Kampmann (even though if Shields wins at 121, he’ll be next in line for the welterweight title shot according to Dana White [although I thought Jon Fitch was next]…too much ambiguity). Regardless, Condit has made himself relevant in the UFC again. After all, he’s not called the Natural Born Killer for nothing.

4) Bisping should be in title contention soon. After a solid performance in front of his countrymen and women, Bisping should move up considerably to contend for the middleweight belt. Winner of his last two fights, along with a division that isn’t too stacked, should give Bisping a #1 contender fight for his next matchup.

5) More free events, please. Watching UFC is great. Watching UFC for free is even better. This is the way to pay it back to the fans: show UFC for free. I know the UFC’s bread and butter is in pay per view, but for fans, watching on Spike TV is awesome.

Those are my thoughts. Enjoy UFC 121 this Saturday!

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