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Derek Jeter is one of the newest members of the 3,000 hit club.  That should be reason enough to respect him, but it’s not.  In my opinion, just because you are a great ball player, doesn’t mean that you should be respected and cherished for years to come.  Just look at all of the douches that have reached a greater milestone than 3K hits, 4K.  Pete Rose and Ty Cobb hit that achievement during their career and they’re not entirely respected.  Cobb is considered the meanest man to ever play the game and Rose is the infamous gambler that kept himself out of Cooperstown.  But not Derek Jeter.  Talk to anybody that’s seen him play, they’ll only prove this article more by reiterating his hall of fame qualities.

Jeter is the Captain for a reason.  He has a great work ethic and plays his heart out on every play.  He sets an example for his teammates and he expects them to follow it.  He doesn’t tolerate laziness or arrogance.  If he spots a teammate acting in a way they shouldn’t be, he’ll call them out on it and they sure as hell won’t do it again.

These past few games, Jeter hasn’t been able to run out ground balls because he might hurt his ankle again.  He’s willing to give up a few infield hits in order to help the team in the long run.

Everything that he does represents class and dignity, whether it’s his signature jump throw or his famous diving catch against the Rex Sox.  And let me add that even with blood dripping down his face and his body covered in bruises, he looked every bit that captain that he is.

Jeter has never touched PEDs and I can guarantee you the he NEVER will.

He has played for one team throughout his entire career.  He’s not blinded by money; he’s loyal to his fans and teammates.  I can also guarantee you that he will NEVER sign a contract with another team.

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In Game 1 of the ALCS back in 2012, Jeter fractured his ankle to the dismay of millions of Yankee fans.  I was present at this game and before that play I will admit that I was excited that Ibanez had tied the game with a homer in the ninth.  I mean nobody expected the Yanks to do great things during that postseason because basically every hitter in the lineup but Jeter and Ichiro was in a slump.  But I was excited that they had a rally in their bones, as Michael Kay would have said.  Then it happened.  That routine grounder to short turned into despair and doubt for teammates, coaches, and fans of Jeter.  He fell down and couldn’t get up, but let me add he did have it in him to toss the ball in the direction of Teixeira at first.  Derek Jeter refused to be carried off the field.  He just wouldn’t have it.  He didn’t want that “wounded warrior” look so he put on a brave face and limped off the field on his fractured ankle.  Just so you understand, you can’t walk on a fractured ankle.  But I guess you can when you’re Derek Jeter and in front of 40,000+ emotional and trying to hold back tears fans.  Yes, I almost started crying at the sight of Jeter, the Captain, limping off the field, leaving the already dying 2012 Yankees to fend for themselves.

Have you ever seen Jeter argue with an Umpire? EVER?

Derek Jeter is like the ending to a fairy tale.  Just go back to July 9, 2011, thousands and thousands of people filled into Yankee Stadium in hope that Jeter would hit the milestone that day, and he did, with a home run.  Oh yeah, and then a couple of days ago in his first game back since that terrible post season day, in his first at bat back, he swings at the first pitch and gets an infield hit.  But wait, I’m not finished, in his second game back after going back on the DL for the millionth time he hits a home run during his first plate appearance.  He really knows how to host a party.

Jeter is always waiting on the top dugout step after someone homers or scores, waiting to congratulate them.  Even if they reached base on a wild pitch or scored on a balk, the Captain is there to praise them with a high five and a slap on the back.

Everyone that I have ever talked to that has met Jeter has said the same thing.  He’s a good guy.  He isn’t one of those stuck up, arrogant idiots who doesn’t know how to talk about anything but his personal achievements.

Robinson Cano is a great baseball player, he’s a fantastic baseball player, but he could try a bit harder.  Whenever he hits a grounder in the infield, it’s always the same story.  He drops his bat and trots down the first baseline.  He never sprints, always trots.  Jeter on the other hand goes all out on every single play, whether it is during practice or during the actual game.

He’s always honest with the media, during good times and bad.  After the game in which he got his 3,000 hit, Derek Jeter was asked how he felt and he said relieved.  He was honest with the interviewer and said he was anxious to get the hit and was glad he did.  He always talks to the media when they want to talk and never lies like some people.  Not pointing fingers here *cough *cough A-Rod.

Derek Jeter is the most well known sports icon playing for the most well known sports franchise in the most well known city in the world.  He’s under a little pressure to perform.

Let me repeat that: HE PLAYS IN NEW YORK.

One more time: HE PLAYS IN NEW YORK AND HE NEVER SCREWS UP.  He’s just awesome.

Do you respect Mariano Rivera?  If you don’t, then you’re not a true baseball fan.  Fenway Park erupted with applause when MO entered the field; Red Sox fans respect Mariano Rivera.  Mariano Rivera has the utmost respect for Derek Jeter; he’s said so numerous times and therefore you should too.

Derek Jeter is one of the richest men playing baseball.  A lot of players who get paid a lot don’t deserve that kind of money, but not Jeter.  He created the Turn 2 Foundation and here’s the mission statement:

To create and support signature programs and activities that motivate young people to turn away from drugs and alcohol and “TURN 2″ healthy lifestyles. Through these ventures, the Foundation strives to create outlets that promote and reward academic excellence, leadership development and positive behavior. Turn 2′s goal is to see the children of these programs grow safely and successfully into adulthood and become the leaders of tomorrow

You’ve heard everyone say it.  All of Derek’s teammates and coaches say he’s a pain to be around when he’s injured.  He’s a jokester in the dugout and won’t stop hounding you on when he’ll be able to play.  That’s the sign of someone who truly loves the game and is dedicated to helping his team win.

One more thing, Derek Jeter is Hot.

Whats Your Verdict?