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The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are arguably the most popular team in college football.  Despite struggling for top tier success over the last 15 years the teams has retained its loyal fan base.  2012 however has been a breakout year.  In the third year under coach Brian Kelly the Irish are heading into Southern Cal this weekend undefeated and have the chance to play in the BCS Championship Game in on January 7th, 2013 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami.  All of the excitement and expectation has made Notre Dame BCS Championship tickets the hottest item on the secondary ticket market in recent memory.

There are a couple of ways to get Notre Dame BCS Championship Tickets if the Irish do in fact make the game:

Please keep in mind that the game is sold out

1) Enter the Notre Dame Alumni Ticket Lottery.  The school has delayed the lottery pending the results of the USC game.  This years lottery will be conducted online and you must be a contributing alumni enter.  If you are Notre Dame Alumni then this will be the most affordable option if you are fortunate enough to win.

2) Buy tickets via the secondary ticket market.  Consulting reputable sites such as, or are your best bet.  By using this route you are going to pay market value for tickets which could go up or down between now and the game.  However you will be buying tickets from either professional ticket brokers or in the case of StubHub they will guarantee your purchase.

Find Tickets for the BCS Championship

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3) Use of methods that are far less reliable than the 2 listed above.  These could include Ebay, finding sellers via Craigslist (not recommended), purchase package deals from travel companies or buying tickets at the game itself.  All of these methods are not recommended but could save you money, or if your unlucky they could also leave you without your cash and standing outside of the stadium due to you buying bad tickets.

There are probably some other good ways to get tickets for the game, feel free to use the facebook commenting below if you have any good ideas!


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