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Tickets for this weekend’s game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and LSU Tigers are bringing in top dollar on the secondary ticket market.  Fan’s wanting to see the game this weekend in Tuscaloosa, Alabama should expect to pay in excess of $400 dollars for that chance to see what many fans are considering to be a mini-National Championship Game.  Both teams have storied rivalries and it’s also safe to say that the fans for each respective team are NOT fans of the other school, so factor that all together and you come up with one of the most expensive tickets in college sports.

Is this the most expensive College Football ticket so far in 2011?  Surprisingly its not even close as tickets for National Championship Game this year in Phoenix ballooned to prices that exceeded $2000.

2011 Alabama vs. LSU Tickets on

There are other several places that you can search for tickets for the LSU v. Alabama game.  At this point the options for purchasing tickets will be limited to online ticket broker sites, you can use the link provided in this article to view tickets at who gives’s reader a discount with the use of the Promo Code “BRT”

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