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Tea Time: MVP Discussion

J-Rodd: Let me start off saying this about Nasri, I think he may live to regret not going to Man Utd. With him in our midfield, we would have been a stronger team and he would have had an even greater chance of winning trophies. Whereas at [...]

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EPL Catch Up 

Two weeks have gone by, no Premier League update. I partially blame a snow storm that hit in October and a hectic schedule afterwards. Instead of reviewing the past week’s games individually, I’ll just do a general trend for each team over the past two weeks.

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Robert: What happened?

J-Rodd: A difficult game to analyse. I obviously have a bias towards Man Utd but for the first 30 minutes of the game, we outplayed Man City who hardly had a kick. Our unsettled defence again concedes a soft goal and we go into half time 1-0 down. Evans [...]

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EPL Week 9 Recap 

Man City 6 – Man United 1: What was supposed to be one of the best games of the season, failed to live up to the hype. While Manchester United had its moments, it put up a pretty pathetic display. Don’t want to spend too much time [...]

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Tea Time: Relegation, Derbies, and Newcastle?

Couple of questions for you:

On the pitch: Is Newcastle this good? Who do you think will win the derby this weekend and why?

Off the pitch: How do you feel about getting rid of relegation?

J-Rodd: Based on my pre-season [...]

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EPL Round Up: Week 8

Arsenal 2 – Sunderland 1: Arsenal was able to gain a valuable three points and may be turning their season around as they were able to beat Marseille in the Champions League to move to the top of their table. Sunderland continues its free [...]

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