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Now that Manny Pacquiao has “officially” defeated Tim Bradley, talks come to life again about the Megamillion fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather. But first,  we have to establish who’s number one.

According to pundits, Mayweather is the anointed one. In my books, he is NOT. Definitely NOT. Why?

When you define the word best in its purest form, it is the top of the heap, the cream of the crop. And in order to be on top, you should have defeated all your opponents that’s at least in the top 5.  Conclusion, Floyd is a good fighter but not the best. When you keep on ducking opponents that can beat you, you cannot even be considered a ‘fighter’.   Look at the UFC for instance; these guys are fighters in its purest form. They fight whoever is in their cards and lay it all on the line whoever they’re fighting with.  How can you prove you’re the best when you haven’t been fighting with the best of the best. Now, nobody can argue that Pacquiao is one of the best.  He has defeated all of the best fighters in the divisions he has been involved. He will not back down on any opponent and gives his all on every fight.   Except for Floyd , who has time and again found every reason on the the book to chicken out . What can make him fight Pacquiao?  If he is a ‘real’ fighter, he will accept even a 50/50 share of the purse to prove to us all boxing aficionados that he can ‘really’ fight.  Unbeaten means nothing if you’re beating has beens and unproven boxers. I hope he gains enough willpower and enough mojo to see the big picture and be regarded as really a brave champion. Unbeaten means nothing if in the back of your mind, you did not fight against a champion of the caliber of Pacquiao.  But to be realistic and truthful, Floyd and Pacquiao may never materialize because a chicken is always a chicken. Take your pick.

Whats Your Verdict?