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President Barack Obama was asked on the Tonight Show on Wednesday if he could “pull some strings” to end the NHL lockout and he pulled no punches.

The question was submitted by a viewer named Mike from Los Angeles, who just probably if he is a Kings fan just experienced the thrill of a Stanley Cup victory. Mike is hoping like the Kings players, the city can build off the momentum generated by their run last spring.

The question was met with much laughter from the studio audience, but Obama insisted: “I do have a comment on this.

“Every time these things happen I just want to remind the owners and players: You guys make money because you’ve got a whole bunch of fans out there who are working really hard — they buy tickets, they’re watching on TV.”

“Y’all should be able to figure this out. Get this done.”

Hockey fans no matter their political affiliation can agree with Mr. Obama on his view on the lockout that both parties just need to get this deal done.

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However, sadly for Mike and hockey fans out there it does not appear there is any light at the end of this tunnel. The NHL and NHLPA have not scheduled any talks this week to save a full 82-game regular season.

Obama gave a similar answer almost exactly one year ago on the same stage when asked by host Jay Leno about the NBA work stoppage. The league and its players’ association would eventually come to an agreement, resulting in a 66-game regular season in 2011-12, 16 fewer than the norm.

Here is the clip from last night on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno: