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“Week 7 in the NFL provided some interesting match-ups, some horrible upsets, and a couple devastating injuries. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo’s season (along with the Cowboys) may be over after he broke his collar bone in a loss to the New York Giants on Monday night. Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre has two fractures in his ankle and they travel to New England to face the Patriots this weekend. Could the Vikings season be over if they lose? We saw the Raiders put up 59, yes you’re reading that correctly, 59 points in Denver. To put that in perspective, they scored 120 points in their first six games combined. The New Orleans Saints were rocked in their own building by the…Cleveland Browns. I keep waiting for the week the Saints turn it around, but I am done with being disappointed. Maybe if they see me take them out of my power rankings, they’ll look like a real team again. It was amazing to see the Buffalo Bills force the Baltimore Ravens into overtime, even though they lost. The Green Bay Packers beat Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings, something they couldn’t do last year. Let’s move on to the power rankings, shall we? 1. New York Jets (5-1): They were on a bye and there’s no real reason to move them. They’re the best team in the NFL to this point. Green Bay comes to town. 2. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-1): The only team in the NFL to allow under 100 points and they’re well below with 82. The match-up between the Steelers and Saints isn’t as good as I thought it would be. 3. New England Patriots (5-1): Ugly win at San Diego, but any win on the road is a good win. Before that game, the Chargers outscored their opponents 79-23 at home. Next up: Randy Moss and the Vikings. 4. Tennessee Titans (5-2): They have the biggest scoring differential in the NFL at a +82. They travel to San Diego this week in an attempt to bury their season. 5. New York Giants (5-2): They’ve now won 4 in a row, but the win at Dallas was a bit sloppy. They’re on a bye this week. 6. Baltimore Ravens (5-2): Received quite a scare against Buffalo. They’ll use this bye week to fix the defense a bit as allowing 34 points to Buffalo is unacceptable. 7. Indianapolis Colts (4-2): The Colts were on a bye and have a re-match against the Texans on Monday night. The Colts want revenge and will likely get it. 8. Atlanta Falcons (5-2): Ugly win at home against the Bengals, but the offense looked real good. They have a bye week. 9. Green Bay Packers (4-3): Big win over the Vikings after being swept by them last year. Tough road game against the Jets this week will show us how good they really are. 10. Kansas City Chiefs (4-2): They’ve been playing good defense and just erupted for 42 points. They get to face the Buffalo Bills this week. On the bubble: Seattle Seahawks, Houston Texans, New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles, Miami Dolphins”