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This weekends UFC action was unanimously a dud. With several of the main events going the full distance, and resulting in one sided beat down.

In the main fight card, middleweight Brian Stann knocked out Jorge Santiago in a stunning display of offense. Early in the first round of the fight, Stann gave Santiago a big left hand to get him on the ground. While Santiago held on to finish the round, he couldn’t stay off the floor in the second round, when Stann finished him off with a flurry of punches.

Stann, now 11-3, has proven his worth in the ring, and is undeniably in the top-tier of MMA Middleweights.
Santiago’s record now falls to 23-9. While he’s been great overseas in Japan, Santiago has to better prepare himself for the rigours of the UFC.

Other main card fights resulted in unanimous victories, with the only other knock-out coming from Heavyweight Travis Browne on Stefan Struve. A quick and hard hitting punch knocked Struve right off his feet right in the first round. Referee Steve Mazagatti stepped in when he noticed Struve’s inablity to protect himself.

For Brown, this brings his record to 11-0-1, making him quite a prospect in the UFC. His explosive punches are quickly making him a fan favourite. However, Struve’s record now falls to 21-5, and that’s the third time he’s been knocked out in the first round of a fight.

The highly publicized Light-heavyweight fight between Quinton Jackson and Matt Hamill was a one-sided affair. Jackson thoroughly controlled the fight from the beginning. While Hamill tried to stick to a game plan of keeping his distance with kicks, he got caught with punches far too many times. By the end of the first round, the bloodied up Hamill was clearly behind.

Hamill attempted to gain some traction by using take-downs, but Jackson countered with some strong punches and harsh knee-strikes. By the time the third round came, Hamill was clearly too tired and beaten up to try much more than defend himself. Jackson wanted to knock Hamil out, but just couldn’t get it done in time. Still, he won by decision of the judges.

The other Heavyweight fight, between Frank Mir, and Roy Nelson was even more one-sided than the Jackson-Hamil fight. Mir completely dominated Neslon, and had a strong first round, which ended in a perfectly executed throw which put Nelson on his back. The next rounds, Mir did much of the same, simply outclassing and pressuring his opponent. The number of hits that Nelson took to the head though was staggering, however, Nelson held on till the end of the match, only to lose 30-27,30-27,30-26 from the judges. Although Nelson is a UFC fan favourite, he was simply outgunned this match, and showed that he has to take his training to the next level to really compete. Nelson hasn’t won a match in more than a year.

Lastly the tightly matched fight between Welterweights Rick Story and Thiago Alves was an exciting affair, with the underdog Story showing his moves early in the match. In the first round, Story had Alves up against the fence, pelting him with knees. Alves has struggled against strong wrestlers before, and this match against Story was no different.
Alves mounted a decent come-back in the third, but it wasn’t enough to sway the judges. Story won on a 29-28 scorecard from all three judges.

This victory really shows that Story is ready to be considered as one of the skilled competitors in his weight class, and show the rest of his competitors what he’s made of.