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“One thing all Mets fans should be thankful for is that the Mets did not dish out money for Manny Ramirez two years ago after he became a free agent. Minaya, who is infamous for overpaying a combination of fringe stars (Beltran, Pedro, Bay, K-Rod) and a handful of misfits and retreads (Ollie P., Castillo, Tatis…) did not open up the pennybags for Manny Ramirez. Mets fans clamored for the Wilpons to ante up and pay the star outfielder despite that he would not have a distinguished role, or even a position in the field, on the team. Mets fans begged and pleaded, but Minaya wisely resisted signing Ramirez.

I concede that at the time I wanted Ramirez to slowly jog out to left, pull some antic while playing minimal defense only to come through in the clutch (at the time the Mets were among the league’s worst in advancing runners from scoring position) and celebrate at home – baggy pants, long hair and all. New York City would have embraced Manny for bein’ Manny, but two years later I am happy that Manny is not an ombudsman for the club, and that he is not providing the city’s headline writers with more “Mets are a mess” type material.,

I think Minaya deserves credit for not signing Manny. Yup, Omar messed up NY’s payroll pretty bad, but he deserves credit for not signing one of the best right-handed hitters of all time. I know, it sounds weird, but everytime I listen to how awful Ramirez is for quitting on the game, I am happy that I don’t have to look at any pictures or watch any clips of Ramirez in a Mets uniform.

I would not be upset to have Minaya come back on board in some role for the Mets. A lot of people in NY have paired Minaya with Isiah Thomas, but I believe Minaya deserves some credit for his work done with the Mets and that he had a lot to offer the team (I blame Bernazard a bunch for mishandling the team’s player development). By signing Pedro Martinez and expanding upon one of the league’s finest Dominican Republic programs, Minaya has proven that he has something to offer Sandy & Co. I don’t doubt his value, but I am unsure if he has a position within the Moneyball concept. I think a lot of how Alderson will be judged is how well he is able to expand his philosophies to encorporate one of the league’s highest payrolls. Minaya would be invaluable in scouting and I believe that he would still be able to help attract international free agents.

Whether or not Sandy & Co. feel the same way is still to be determined…”